Ted Cunningham – Fun Loving You

Ted Cunningham writes some pretty good books. I liked his book Trophy Child and was very interested to read this book, Fun Loving You. I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed it. Wake up, work out, go to work, go home, be Daddy, have 10 minutes with your “roommate spouse” and go to bed to start it all over the next day… that’s how I was feeling…as all marriages can sometimes feel. This book met me right where I was, and helped me discover the blessings of a marriage during this grind. That’s the point of this book.

fun loving you book cover cunningham

I want to make my marriage strong, long lasting and fun.  The book is divided into sections, first to help you understand where you are and how life can be, how to get past the grind and ‘unstuck’, and into more fun topics (date nights, date weeks and yearly getaways). The last few chapters are hands on and really opened a lot of fun discussions between my wife and I.

At the end of each chapter, is a FLY (Fun Loving You) journal. It is used to evaluate yourself and help you figure out what you can do differently to love your spouse differently or better.  This was probably the best part of the book. Why just blow through the book and not take a second look at what you just learned about.

I would recommend this book to any couples or men trying to get their marriage past the roommate stage and into something more. The concepts are not new, but placing them in one book helped get them out and into conversation. Buy this book or give this book, it is worth it. Try the exercises, use the journal notes and start having some “fun”.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes by David C Cook Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.

This review was originally posted on BattleBornNV website.


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