Networking Like A Pro – Ivan Misner & Brian Hilliard

Title: Networking Like a Pro
Author: Ivan Misner and Brian Hilliard

The book was about: This book was about networking. It talks about strategies on how to avoid just going to networking events to get as many business cards as you can, strategies on how and when to walk up to new people at an event, what types of networking events there are and how to “network like a pro”.

I loved: Have you ever read a book and started to highlight, underline and ear mark every page (besides the bible)? Every other page of this book has been marked with something that I agree with, something I need to start doing, or something I need to share with my team at work. This book has been wonderful. I finished it a few weeks ago and have already come back to it multiple times to reread different sections.

My recommendation is to read the entire book, front to back, mark what you find is interesting and then step away from it for a few days. Then come back to different sections and implement the strategies, techniques and ideas that Misner and Hilliard discuss.

Reading this book made me wonder about: How have I not seen, read or heard many of the techniques discussed throughout this book. I was engaged the entire book and couldn’t wait to start to implement some of the ideas. I hope my referral networking group didn’t mind emails at 10:30pm at night asking to meet for a one to one conversation, or to get coffee and lunch so I can learn how to help their business. Givers Gain is real and this book is the real deal.

Overall, the book was: I give the book 6 out of 5 stars!

I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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