The Power of Your Leadership – John Maxwell

Title: The Power of Your Leadership
Author: John Maxwell

The book was about: This book was about combining your passion and your leadership in a what that goes beyond just successful numbers or sales. This book goes into detail about how you can make a difference in the lives of the people you lead by finding likeminded people and putting them first.

I loved: I loved a few quotes from the book:

·       “Significant leadership is always about others, and serving them intentionally.”

·       “… if you want to become a stronger leader- to learn, to grow, to achieve your dreams of significance, and to make a difference – have faith.”

·       “We all start out life climbing our own ladders and living for ourselves. Over time, some people begin to shift from climbing to their own success, and they start building ladders for others to climb.”

I enjoyed the entire book, but these few quote really stuck out to me. I marked them in my ebook and have reread each section a few times. These type of quotes sit with you and make you a better leader.

Reading this book made me wonder about: John Maxwell is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of leadership. He related a lot of what he is talking about to his own experiences and his time as a pastor of many different churches. I really enjoyed this book and can see why so many people become “John Maxwell coaches.”

Overall, the book was: I give the book 4.75 stars out of 5! (it could be longer)

I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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