Anxious for Nothing – Max Lucado

Title: Anxious for Nothing

Author: Mad Lucado

The book was about: This book was about helping individuals find some calm in the worry of life. Max Lucado writes the book to help those people. He focuses on Philippians 4:6-7. He expands on making God your helper and focusing on Him when it gets really rough. Lucado has a lot of really great stories about times when he felt anxious, lots of examples of overcoming anxiety and ties it all to scripture.

I loved: I loved the stories and examples of what anxiety is and how to overcome it with Jesus’ help. I found myself explaining these experiences to my wife and trying to use these ideas in my daily walk with Jesus.

Reading this book made me wonder about: I always wonder about the statistics about people when reading books like this. How many people are overwhelmed with anxiety, how many people are prescribed medication to help Deal and manage it and which type of people struggle the most.

This books really focuses on gratitude towards and rejoicing in Jesus. I really think that’s the major take away. Giving thanks and remembering what He has done for us is the major reason we can overcome anxiety.

Overall, the book was: I give the book 4 stars out of 5!

PRO TIP: read each chapter fully then read that chapters questions and reflections at the end of the book. If you don’t you can miss the takeaways and leave more of what you can learn on the table.


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