No Complaining Rule – Jon Gordon

Title: The No Complaining Rule

Author: Jon Gordon

This book is a story about a woman named Hope that was negative about her job, her family, her relationships, and her future. She goes to a doctor visit after a very rough work day and has to have tests. At the doctor she has a conversation about the “No Complaining Rule” from the nurse.

The book takes off from there explaining what the No Complaining Rule is and what it is not.

The basics behind the story are good, the story just helps to tell it without making it read like a text book with this as a recommendation.

Overall the story isn’t that good, BUT the no complaining rule is. I bought it because of some negative circumstances at work and wanted to restructure my thoughts and take back how I felt about something. I feel like the book is just the start of the no complaining rule. You have to do it, daily. And when you do complain, make sure to stop and say “what if”… what if the XYZ thing isn’t bad, but it’s for the better or it’s for good.

This book is straight to the point, can be read in a few hours and is good for either work or personal life negativity issues.

I wouldn’t say this is the best book by Jon Gordon but it is worth the read. I would get it from the library, or buy it the ebook on kindle, a hard copy isn’t necessary.

This is a short review for a short book.

Overall, the book was: I give the book 3 stars out of 5.


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