Above the Line – Urban Meyer

Title: Above the Line

Author: Urban Meyer with Wayne Coffey

This book is about: Urban Meyer is a national championship college football coach. He has won titles with Florida and Ohio universities. This book is his story about leadership and creating a culture that produces Nine Strong Units with Above The Line thinking. Each chapter builds on one or more ideas about leadership and how it was applied to the Ohio State football team in 2014. It also describes how it can translate to other places and work environments.

I loved: I loved the description of how the team was built, how the team responded to the Above the Line culture and what happened in the games leading up to the first National Championship Playoff run.

Reading this book made me wonder: I constantly wondered if this could really translate into the business world. Most of it can but some of it doesn’t or cannot apply. I appreciated the books attempt at showing how it could crossover but it my business I would struggle getting some of the concepts into our culture.

Overall, the book was: I give the book 3.5 stars out of 5.

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