Extreme Leadership- Jocko Willink

Title: Extreme Leadership            

Author: Jocko Willink

This book was about: This book is about how two Navy SEALs used their training and experiences to teach and inform how leaders can and should act in the business world. These two men share their experiences, what happened while training SEALs, and what happened while overseas. They then share the concept of leadership and what it means and then apply it to a real world businesses.

I loved: I loved how the book was structured. Very clear descriptive stories that were easy to follow. Each chapter has one main point and everything that they present show why they are talking about it. Then they highlight that main point in what their main point was of the story, then apply into businesses that they have helped in the past.

Reading this book made me wonder about: I wonder how these concepts could be applied to banking. Not only banking but sales in general. I really enjoyed the book and am doing my best to apply it to banking. This has been especially helpful a few weeks removed from the reading. I am able to reflect on what I’ve read and truly see that applying the skills has helped.

Overall this book was: This book was excellent and I highly suggest reading a copy. I got mine from the library and was really glad when the day came that said I could “check it out”

I give the book 4.5 stars out of 5.

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