Jack and Lisa Hibbs – Turnaround at Home

Turnaround at Home by Jack and Lisa Hibbs has one focus, showing parents a guide to creating a God honoring home for their children. This book talks about legacy and how to leave a better legacy than you received. Every true legacy has three cords; Emotional, Spiritual and Social. The Hibbs explain that a child's … Continue reading Jack and Lisa Hibbs – Turnaround at Home

Ted Cunningham – Fun Loving You

Ted Cunningham writes some pretty good books. I liked his book Trophy Child and was very interested to read this book, Fun Loving You. I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed it. Wake up, work out, go to work, go home, be Daddy, have 10 minutes with your “roommate spouse” and go to bed to … Continue reading Ted Cunningham – Fun Loving You